Future Cities in the Making

Overcoming barriers to information modelling in socially responsible cities


Researching Information Modelling for Socially Responsible Cities


UPDATE: Our questionnaire is LIVE!

Please take 10-15 minutes to respond to our questionnaire on digitalisation in planning. The questionnaire is evaluating some of the themes that came up over the course of our 40+ stakeholder interviews. Results will be used to inform policy debate around the planning system and strategic planning, and your contribution will be valuable in helping to focus our recommendations! s


Project title

Future Cities in the Making: Overcoming barriers to information modelling in socially responsible cities


Future Cities in the Making is a research project exploring barriers to and opportunities for information modelling in socially responsible cities. Technologies like Building Information Modelling (BIM) and City Information Modelling (CIM) have the potential to shape city development, making urban services more effective and supporting community engagement. However, most cities—including aspiring smart cities—have yet to avail themselves of these technologies. As planning is one of the main public policy avenues for guiding and delivering urban digitalisation processes, this research aims to identify barriers to BIM uptake and support policymakers in understanding how digital technologies like BIM and CIM can facilitate smart city development.

Digital technologies can aid urban planning and management, and the planning system can help harness the opportunities afforded by the roll-out of BIM and CIM. This increased urban digitalisation, however, brings new responsibility for local authorities and city governments: they must address questions of data sovereignty and the human right to privacy. This project explores these emerging themes, in the context of urban planning and multiple stakeholder engagement.

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