Funding and Collaboration



Funding for this project is provided by the Centre for Digital Built Britain, under InnovateUK grant number 90066. The Centre is a partnership between the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and the University of Cambridge to understand how the construction and infrastructure sectors could use a digital approach to better design, build, operate, and integrate the built environment. 



We are coordinating with Early Career Researchers Dr Timea Nochta and Dr Li Wan, who are working on related projects for the Centre for Digital Built Britain, entitled “The local governance of digital technology – Implications for the city-scale digital twin” and “A City-Level Digital Twin Experiment for Exploring the Impacts of Digital Transformation on Journeys to Work in the Cambridge Sub-region”, respectively. We will be sharing information and insights with one another, promoting cross-fertilisation between the projects.




This project is conducted within the University of Cambridge Department of Land Economy.