Welcome to Future Cities in the Making

Digitalisation is impacting on nearly every aspect of life in the 21st century. It has already changed the way we communicate, travel, study, and work; and it is just now beginning to transform the way we plan and develop cities. Looking at information modelling technologies at the asset level (Building Information Modelling, BIM) and at the city level (City Information Modelling, CIM), this project explores the interface between digitalisation and planning, and investigates what governments need to consider to ensure a socially responsible data usage.

The project addresses three key questions:

  1. What role can BIM and CIM play in supporting sustainable city development

  2. What barriers do cities face to BIM and CIM implementation, and how can cities overcome these barriers?

  3. How can cities address data sovereignty concerns and ensure socially responsible data use?

Our approach to these questions is informed by knowledge of planning systems, understanding of BIM and CIM technologies, and reflection on national and international legal considerations. These themes orient our inquiry into our case studies, which will provide empirical data to help answer our research questions.

In our case studies we will be looking at different types of settlements that are experiencing different economic and social trends to evaluate how the planning system can support the uptake of information modelling technologies, and how these technologies can, in turn, serve our communities. The project process overview graphic below illustrates our planned workflow, and some of our expected outcomes. In the coming months, we will be analysing insights gained through our case to produce practical recommendations for the UK planning system, cities and policymakers.

Continue to check this space to learn more about overcoming barriers to information modelling in socially responsible cities. Thank you for reading, and please get in touch if you are interested in collaborating or learning more.

Amarynth Sichel